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More For Your Money

Traditional phone systems are on their way out. By using your internet connection instead of physical phone lines, you can carry on communicating wherever you are – as long as you’re connected.

As a VoIP provider, your telephone traffic is routed using our servers. This means no complicated equipment with sky-high costs, and no extra training to use it.

The technology is easy to operate, and switching from traditional copper wires to a system which runs over the internet will allow you to futureproof your business.


How To Get Started

Due to the nature of VoIP, a lot of the set up can be done remotely. This can depend on the size of solution you are looking for, the equipment you require, and whether you are replacing, adding to or upgrading your current products.

At Yappl, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your business. If you would prefer an expert to support with the installation, have an extensive network, or would like a demonstration of the hardware we are providing, we will visit you on site.

After the VoIP services have been installed, our support team are on hand and happy to help.

Why Switch to VoIP?

Quite a few reasons, actually. Our telephony service is flexible, powerful and unique. It’s bursting with advanced features thanks to working with our industry-leading unified comms partners.

Great Value

Businesses can ditch expensive phone bills with VoIP! Unlike traditional systems, VoIP avoids maintenance and upgrade costs, offering affordable calling for companies of all sizes.

Customer First

Level up your reception with the advanced console! Effortlessly manage calls: drag & drop to queues, transfer on-screen, access call history & directories. Integrate your CRM so every customer reaches the perfect match, first time.

Take Back Control

Take control online! Our portal lets you monitor costs, analyze performance, export data for reports, and configure your entire system – all in one convenient place.


VoIP scales with you! Easily add users and features as your business expands. Plus, automatic updates ensure you always have the latest technology, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Reliable and Secure

Call re-routing provides the flexibility to answer calls from any location. VoIP gives extra protection, so that your system is kept secure, with features including disaster recovery.

Increase Productivity

Employees are able to use the system remotely, as long as they have access to the internet wherever they are based or at least 4G coverage if on the move. Increase your team’s productivity by allowing them to work on the move.

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