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Fibre leased lines that are exclusive to your business. Fast, reliable and flexible.

When your internet connection is at the core of your business, you need it to be dependable.

If a poor connection or loss of service would have a major operational and financial impact on your business, a leased line is the perfect answer.

A dedicated fibre line for your business means high speeds, exclusive access and broadband performance that won’t let you down.

You might think fibre leased lines are expensive, but we can help you find a scalable solution. You won’t pay for more than you need, and it’ll be flexible enough to grow alongside your business.


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Is your business ready for a fibre leased line?

If your user and application bandwidth requirements are growing, maybe it’s time to consider your options.

Fast Symmetrical Speeds

Unlike standard broadband technology, it can give you symmetrical speeds. This means uploads are just as fast as downloads – important when you’re sharing files and data daily, and working in the cloud.

Scalable with Your Business

Data, voice and internet traffic can all be handled, so it’s an ideal solution for SMEs and large corporations alike. It’s a fully scalable solution. We’ll put together a package to match your current situation, with flexibility built-in.

Exclusive Access

Are poor connection speeds slowing down your business? You won’t be sharing a Yappl fibre leased line with anyone. Your business will have exclusive access, 24/7. That means reliability when you need it most.

Your fibre business broadband options explained

Not sure which connection is right for your business? It can depend on your day-to-day bandwidth requirements, location and availability. Here are some handy comparisons to help you work it out.

City Fibre Flex

Future-proof your fibre business broadband

If your business is constantly looking for smarter and faster ways to operate, your broadband connection may not be able to keep up.

Cloud-based software and services, hosted telephony, video conferencing – these are just a couple of examples, but to make the most of the new tools and tech, you need ethernet connectivity that’s up to the task.

Through partners CityFibre, Yappl can offer a flexible full-fibre connection that balances exceptionally high speed with price and reliability. 200Mbps is guaranteed for upload and download, with a built-in capability to burst up to 1Gbps.

It’s ready to respond when your business needs it.


Leased Lines

Fiberglass network under construction

Fully-managed fibre leased lines

Imagine if your connection was 100% fibre, from the exchange to your premises. Current standard broadband means a fibre connection to the cabinet, then copper cabling to premises. Full fibre is coming to so-called “Gigabit cities” across the UK, and it’s going to transform how businesses work.

When it comes to future-proofing your business, for communications, telephony, data storage and more, a fibre leased line from Yappl is the way forward.

At Yappl we know that every business is different. No other business uses their broadband quite the way yours does, so we’re flexible. We’ll get to know your needs so you’re only paying for the speeds you need.

We do this by working out a CDR (committed data rate) and a bearer – so you could get a guaranteed speed of 10mbps with a bearer of 100mbps, whatever works best for your business. This means that your business is free to grow without any extra infrastructure. The capacity is already there.


Why choose Yappl fibre business broadband?

There are loads of business broadband providers. Here are some reasons to choose us:


Tailored Advice

Giving your business a reliable, high-performance connection is our priority. We won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon – you’ll get straightforward advice tailored to your business needs.


100% Service, Guaranteed

We offer you UK-based technical support and backup lines in case of faults. With built-in resilience, you’ll never mention the word “downtime” when it comes to your connection.

The Latest Tech

It’s our job to make sure you get everything you need to do business effectively. And the latest equipment gives you peace of mind when it comes to performance and security.

Scalable Solutions

Our leased lines aren’t just reliable, they’re fast, too. Ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, you’ll get functionality at the speed you’re looking for, with room to grow.

We have just moved over from BT to Yappl – absolutely fantastic the freedom you get from the new system Yappl have supplied is truly fantastic, easy to use and a first class service. Anyone like ourselves that have had copper coming into their industrial unit take the plunge and switch, you won’t be sorry!

Michael Seber


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