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Transform your business and get ready for a 5G future.

Work smarter not harder, with Yappl 5G for business.

The future of business is 5G. As more and more cities and towns across the UK are added to the 5G network, your business can be ready to take advantage of the benefits it brings.

5G means so much more than connectivity. It can help you provide better experiences for your customers and increase your employee productivity.

The power to integrate people, data and technology seamlessly can well and truly transform your business.

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What can 5G do for your business?

It’s driving innovation and change for companies across many sectors thanks to a few major benefits.

Work More Efficiently

5G can deliver connection speeds that beat 4G by up to tenfold. When you rely on data and information, this means your business can become more efficient and productive.

Harness the Power of Tech

With greater capacity to connect devices, the 5G network can help your business and employees to work smarter, making the most of available technology.

Ultrafast business broadband

Get the Full Picture, in Real Time

Connect almost instantly and wait for nothing. When important decisions need to be made, getting real-time information without delay is crucial.

Unified comms

A Connection You Can Rely On

No more bottlenecks, black spots, or dropouts. 5G gives you a more reliable connection and a consistent, uninterrupted experience.

Fibre business broadband

5G Mobile Sims

If you’re looking for the best deals on SIM-only 5G, you’re in the right place. Because we’re partnered with all the major network providers, we can make sure you get the best package for your business.

We’ll check the coverage in your area, listen to your requirements, and specify a package that perfectly meets your data, voice and video needs.

We can also provide 5G SIMS for multiple uses, including smart meters, vehicle tracking systems, CCTV and security, machinery and equipment.

Private 5G Networks

If you’re waiting for the 5G rollout to reach your area, or worried about sharing a network and contending for resources, a private network might be the answer.

Private networks have been around for a while, but by harnessing the power of 5G, you can use them to truly transform the way you do business.

Enhance Your Data Security

Take complete control over security by creating and managing your own policies, procedures and storage. Keep your data safe and safeguard against hacks and breaches.

Prioritise Mission Critical Operations

Some operations requiring connectivity are more important, or need more bandwidth, than others. With a private network you can make sure mission-critical apps get priority.

Increased Reliability

In some environments, WiFi can suffer from coverage issues and dead zones. With your 5G private network, walls, buildings, and other obstructions are no problem.

More Devices, More Bandwidth

As devices, equipment, machinery, and the people that use them rely more on connectivity, bandwidth requirements increase. Futureproof your business and sites.

4G for business – still fast, still reliable

The simple fact is, not everywhere has 5G connectivity yet. Equally, your business might not be ready for a fully integrated 5G package. The good news is, we can also provide great deals from the UK’s best 4G network providers.

If coverage drops out for 5G ready devices and SIMs, they can still revert to 4G, so your business stays connected.

Welcome to the IoT era

The Internet of Things (IoT) could just be the next big transformation in your business.

It’s by no means a new thing, but with the 5G rollout picking up pace, the applications and benefits it can bring to business will only increase.

Whether you’re just starting out or expanding existing deployments, we can help your business on its IoT journey. We do this by identifying opportunities and supporting you to overcome new challenges as they arise.


What is the IoT?

The Internet of Things is all of the devices, or “things”, that are connected to the internet and exchanging data with one another.

Applications range from consumer smart home devices to medicine and healthcare, industry and infrastructure, to the military.

The biggest opportunity for businesses is the ability to capture and input data from real world applications directly into computer-based systems. This data can help to drive innovations, efficiency and more.

IoT and M2M SIMs

As with all Yappl services, when it comes to IoT, we work closely with you to understand your business and specify solutions to match your requirements.

You need to know that new deployments are seamlessly integrated with existing systems, and we’ll work with you to make that happen. We’ll also ensure that whatever packages you go for, scalability is built-in, with a network that is ready to grow alongside your business.

We’ll get your devices connected with the best option, from 2G to 5G and everything in between, including providing the SIM cards needed ensure connectivity in the field.

How can IoT transform your business?

Whatever the business you’re in, increased connectivity between devices and systems opens a new world of possibilities:

Make Better Decisions

Collect and transfer business information quicker than ever before. This means you can make the right decisions, saving time and money.


Reduce Costs

Remote monitoring means that you can pick up problems before they become a headache. It’s great for preventive maintenance and driving efficiency in engineering.

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Improve Your Green Credentials

Monitoring for systems that can potentially waste energy, such as lighting, temperature and air conditioning. Save money and the planet.

Improve Customer Experiences

By collecting data about your customers and their needs, you can improve their experiences when using your products and services.

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