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Your network management in safe hands

A network is a critical part of any IT environment. It delivers apps and data to users, keeps people connected and enables communication.

With managed services from Yappl, you can leave the operation, monitoring and maintenance of your network to us. We’ll make sure that your network is optimised and secure, and provide troubleshooting and technical support when you need it.

From network administration, access and permissions, to leased lines, WAN and SD-WAN, firewalls and VPNs, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep you and your people connected.

By partnering with you and working closely to understand your requirements, we’ll agree on SLAs to make sure performance and service match your expectations.


Networking expertise when you need it

It doesn’t always make sense for small and medium-sized businesses to hire in-house IT teams. Networking, and IT in general, can often land on someone’s desk even if they’re not a specialist.

If you’re looking to bring in networking expertise without hiring more staff, we’re ready to help. From small business to enterprise, we can help you to navigate the pitfalls of network tech and make sure you have the support your business needs.

Rather than waiting for things to go wrong, we’ll monitor your services and take a proactive approach. This means you can focus on day to day business without the risk of network problems.

Because we’ll only step in when needed, it’s often a more efficient solution than employing someone to take care of it full-time. Equally, it can free up existing resources to focus on other things.

Why use Yappl managed network services?

Have Confidence in Your Network

To do business, you need to know that employees and customers are connected. We’ll make sure your network is resilient and reliable.

Keep it Simple

Rather than managing it yourself or using multiple suppliers, Yappl can be your networking partner. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the service you need, when you need it.

Keep it Safe

If you’re managing a lot of different users, connecting to your network from different devices and locations security can be inconsistent. We’ll make sure it isn’t.

Easy Administration & Support

Want to deploy new sites or add users to your network? We’ll support you with rapid deployment and management of users and settings.

Maximise Performance

We can monitor and analyse your network traffic to get insights on activity and usage demands, as well as identify faults before they become a problem.

Zyxel Nebula Networking Control Centre

With Nebula Networking Control Centre (NCC), we can easily monitor and configure all your networking and security devices. This includes security gateways, switches and access points.

Using a cloud-based platform and intuitive interface, it takes away the complexity of remote site access. Deploying new devices and configuring your network has never been simpler.

Software updates to your devices can be handled automatically, and real-time data monitoring makes for straightforward activity tracking and troubleshooting.

Performance is everything when it comes to your network. Nebula can help you to improve this, with built-in features such as DCS, Load Balancing and Smart Client Steering. A faster and more stable network environment means a better experience for your users.

Improve User Experience with SD-WAN

Traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) was based on the need to route traffic to your data centre or HQ. As your business moves to using more cloud-based applications and services, it’s no longer the ideal solution.

With SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) it’s possible for your users to securely connect to apps and perform mission critical operations wherever they are, while optimising the routing of traffic.

Because SD-WAN is optimised, data can be transferred faster, and applications run more quickly. This means better productivity and a better experience for you users.

It’s also simpler from a management point of view. Centralised control over deployments, VPNs, security and other settings saves time and reduces running costs.

Comms & Server Room Monitoring

Whether you have a server and networking equipment, or a full data centre, this is the central nervous system of your business.

Keeping it safe, secure and in an ideal environment is essential. Temperature, humidity, water leaks, power spikes and surges, can all adversely affect your vital equipment. The consequences can be huge, from interruptions to business operations and lost data.

Security is important too, as your servers aren’t only vulnerable to environmental factors, but also unwanted human attention such as hackers.

With our monitoring services, we can alert you to any changes in the status of your comms room or equipment that might pose a threat to your business.

Structured Cabling Services

With quickly developing infrastructure and equipment for voice, data and video requirements, you can easily end up with a messy cabling situation.

As opposed to traditional point to point cabling, our structured cabling services can help you keep things organised and ready for the future.

After we get to know your business and its requirements, we can design and install a planned cabling system with built-in flexibility. Should your infrastructure or equipment change, updates are quick and easy.

Alongside a tidy and flexible cabling solution, comes redundancy with back-up wiring in the event of failure. And if anything does go wrong, or require changes, maintenance is a whole lot easier without a disorganised bunch of cables to deal with.

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