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Fast, flexible, dependable, it’s what business broadband should be. Let’s work together to keep your business better connected.

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Business broadband designed for any size business

Access to fast and reliable internet is imperative to most businesses and at Yappl it’s our priority.

We can provide you with fast broadband packages, jam-packed with features designed to keep your business better connected.

While every business needs an internet connection they can rely on, not every business needs the same type of connection. That’s why we recommend the best solution for you, depending on the size of your business and the type of things you do online. From ADSL2+, FTTC and ultra-fast FTTP packages, we tailor business broadband to your needs.


Why do I need a business broadband connection?


In the simplest terms, business broadband is no different from consumer broadband. Yet the considerations for business broadband go far deeper than speed and price. Your business relies on internet connectivity to thrive and without it, your productivity declines.

Business broadband providers like Yappl offer faster speeds, better support and increased security. Unlike consumer broadband, where the support is basic and unpersonable, Yappl customers have access to a responsive and reliable specialist support centre to assist with any issues. Plus, our comprehensive business broadband security keeps your business and staff safe, always.

As your business grows, a business broadband package can be easily adapted to suit your goals, so we’ll never hold you back from success or make scaling up (or down) a headache.

Plus, when you work with us, you can rest assured that we won’t bamboozle you with technical jargon that doesn’t make sense. We’re here to offer straightforward advice and business broadband solutions tailored to your business needs.

Our business broadband service

Our business broadband offering can suit any business size operating in any sector. The type of broadband connection you need will depend on your location and your day-to-day business requirements. Understanding these is a key part of our process, we’re here to help you make the right choice.


Fibre business broadband

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Fibre business broadband

Ultrafast business broadband

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Ultrafast business broadband

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Yappl business broadband hardware

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Broadband providers we work with

Why Yappl?

From award-winning solutions to market-leading SLA’s and the latest equipment, there are plenty of reasons to choose Yappl as your business broadband partner.

Dedicated support

Benefit from free support and advice from one of our dedicated account managers who will be on hand to offer advice and technical support.



We talk business, not tech – it’s all about understanding how we can support your business.

Tailored solutions

We’ll help you choose the right solution based on your business requirements.


Fully scalable broadband services, proven on a national scale.


Answers for some of the more common questions we’re asked.

Can we order a broadband package without line rental?


Absolutely. We’re here to make sure that you’re connected as smoothly as possible. This includes arranging a switchover and transfer of existing numbers.

Is there a limit on the amount of data we can use, and will we be charged for extra usage?


Nope. We’ll give you a genuinely unlimited data allowance. No sneaky hitches or small print.

Are static IP addresses included as standard?


All Yappl business broadband packages include a free static IP (with the option for more if required). This is essential for remote access, website hosting, servers, VoIP calls and CCTV.

What’s the difference between ADSL/FTTC/FTTP?


ADSL uses your existing phone lines, FTTC uses fibre from the local exchange to the cabinet and your phone lines from there, and FTTP uses full fibre to your premises.

How do we know which is the right connection for our business?


This will depend on your day-to-day business requirement and understanding these is a key part of the process. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

Is ultra-fast fibre available in our area?


The availability of FTTP is increasing rapidly, but it’s still not available everywhere. Please contact us to find out.

What happens if my connection goes down?


On the rare occasion something may go wrong our UK-based specialist support team is here for you, to ensure the issue is resolved as efficiently and with as minimal disruption to your business as possible.

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