Remote Working and Home Office Broadband

Streamline communications and boost home working productivity with tailored communications systems and fixed IP to keep your business better connected and secure, no matter where your staff are.

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Take the pain out of home working

In a perfect world, remote working is the ideal solution to give employees more flexibility and a better work-life balance. However, with the pressures of family life and the reality of home internet connection, this isn’t always the case.

But remote working shouldn’t mean a lack of communication and productivity.

At Yappl, we arm your staff with the best communication technology to take away the pain of remote working and allow for enhanced productivity in the home office.

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Flexible solutions for home working

Homeworking isn’t a one size fits all. So to work flexibly means your technology also has to be flexible.

Whether that means offering business mobiles to keep staff online when it’s needed, or bringing their home broadband up to business standards, our experts help you to identify the best solution at a cost-effective price.


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What we offer for home working

Home office broadband

Residential broadband can be difficult to manage, especially when working from home. We compare packages available in your area taking into account usage and download speeds to identify the best solution for you.

Superfast Business Broadband

Mobile phones

Allow your team to work from anywhere with the latest smartphone technology and specially selected tariffs to keep up with usage without breaking the budget.

Fixed IP address

Working from home can mean less security and more opportunity for cyber attacks. Ensure calls and transactions are secure from the home office with fixed IP solutions.

Ultrafast business broadband

Unified communications

Remove communication bottlenecks and encourage real-time collaboration with integrated phone, messaging and video conferencing tools.

Unified comms

IT support

Having a remote team can make it difficult to stay on top of IT issues. That’s why we offer comprehensive IT support to resolve issues as they arise and minimise downtime.

A1 Comms Business, now Yappl, has been unbelievably accommodating in working around our schedules, ensuring a smooth, seamless transition over to a new ‘Yappl’ phone system. The team has been excellent, very accommodating and hugely supportive in the current challenging climate. A1 Comms have been able to provide our business with emergency mobiles on very short term temporary contracts, which has meant our team was up and running immediately and could continue to operate remotely. It’s hard to put into words the understanding and patience Yappl have shown.

Stephen Morley

IT Systems Manager, JET PRESS


Why choose Yappl?

At Yappl, we’re a part of your team, always putting your needs first. To ensure your communication needs are met at all times, we offer:


A great service level agreement as a business service provider so any issues are fixed quickly and efficiently.

Flexible solutions that work no matter where your staff are logging in from.

Scalable technology that adapts to change as quickly as your business needs to.

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Expert support from a 5* rated team on Trustpilot.


How do we know which is the right connection for our business?


This will depend on your day-to-day business requirement and understanding these is a key part of the process. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

What happens if my connection goes down?


On the rare occasion something may go wrong our UK-based specialist support team is here for you, to ensure the issue is resolved as efficiently and with as minimal disruption to your business as possible.

What’s good about Yappl?


Yappl uses the most reliable and stable systems available.
Not only are they feature-rich, but because it’s our own solution, we can configure it to exactly suit your businesses and employee needs. Our in-house engineering and support team are always on hand to help, should you need them.
Plus, we manage everything for you – meaning your life is easier and less stressful!

Is it possible to have a trial of the products?


Sure, we’re able to provide trial licence(s) and desk phone(s), set up for you to make and receive some test calls.

Call on 01773 522300 or fill in the form below to get in touch

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