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Deliver outstanding customer experience and improve your hotel IT infrastructure with Yappl’s managed hospitality WiFi solutions.

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Yappl’s reliable hotel WiFi and hospitality broadband solutions enable your business to cope with the demands of business operations and guest expectations.

Whether it’s reliable internet for guests or employees, Yappl’s efficient network solutions help keep you connected so you can continue to provide an excellent service.

We understand the pressures of the hospitality industry and know what it is you need to succeed. Your WiFi needs to be flexible and capable of keeping up with demand so you can provide a consistent service. You may also require mobile handsets to help staff keep in regular contact with each other and guests.

Whatever solution you require, our reliable hotel services will guarantee stability and guest satisfaction.


What are the advantages of investing in hospitality broadband?

Maximise revenue opportunities

Hospitality broadband can be customised to suit your requirements so you can offer free WiFi access, some initial minutes free, or vary your rates by time, data or download speed.

Create guest portals

Turn your guest WiFi into a marketing opportunity. Access a wealth of data in exchange for access to your WiFi and turn these insights into personalised targeted information for your customers.

Manage your bandwidth

Avoid slow loading times and laggy internet if there are lots of users online at once. Yappl give you full flexibility to manage bandwidth and offer varying download speeds.

What technology do we use?

We use a Zyxel WAC5302D-Sv2 Unified Access Point (pictured right) that will be placed strategically within your property to ensure your WiFi connection is strong and secure throughout your hotel premises.

We’ve specifically chosen this tech as not only does it boast a reliable performance, its subtle and versatile mounting options make it a great choice for hotel guest rooms too.

Take a look at our case studies to read about how we’ve previously supported hotels and B&Bs with their connectivity.


What we can offer your hospitality business…

WiFi networking service

Don’t let slow broadband hold you back. Yappl offer fast and stable internet connections, through FTTP or leased line solutions, to ensure your staff and guests can surf the web with ease.

Fibre business broadband

Fixed IP solutions

Protect your business and your guests by ensuring calls and transactions are secure with fixed IP solutions.

Ultrafast business broadband

IT support

IT can be a minefield. So, we’re here to help you choose the right systems that solve your problems. Plus, our team of experts are on hand to help if any IT issues arise.

Why choose Yappl for your hospitality broadband?

At Yappl, we take care of the whole package so you can benefit from secure, flexible technology that’s easy to manage. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which kind of broadband connection is right for you and we’re here to support you in making the right decision. As well as being able to offer unrivalled support and expertise there are plenty of other reasons to choose Yappl as your business telephony partner:

We’ll help you choose the right solution for your hospitality business and we’re flexible enough to meet your needs.


We talk business, not tech – it’s all about understanding how we can support your business.

No need for expensive maintenance contracts, we’ll take care of it.

Thumbs up

With dedicated account managers we strive to make sure our customers receive the best connectivity alongside the highest levels of service.

The system works brilliantly and the WiFi now reaches everywhere. The Yappl team have been so approachable and always contactable which in todays world of running a business is key! Well done Yappl and thank you!

Sarah Alexiou

Owner, Woolmarket House


We have had a brilliant long-term relationship with Yappl. They provide a superb service and great products at a very competitive rate and they are a great local company so there are plenty of wins. It’s a boost to know we will be moving forward with them over the next two years.

Ryan Duckett

Chief Executive, Derbyshire County Cricket Club.


Answers for some of the common questions we’re asked.

How do we know which is the right connection for our business?


This will depend on your day-to-day business requirement and understanding these is a key part of the process. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

What happens if my connection goes down?


On the rare occasion something may go wrong our UK-based specialist support team is here for you to ensure the issue is resolved as efficiently and with as minimal disruption to your business as possible.

What’s good about Yappl?


Yappl uses the most reliable and stable systems available.
Not only are they feature-rich, but because it’s our own solution, we can configure it to exactly suit your business needs.
Plus, we manage everything for you – meaning your life is easier and less stressful!

Are static IP addresses included as standard?


All Yappl business broadband packages include a free static IP (with the option for more if required). This is essential for remote access, website hosting, servers, VoIP calls and CCTV.

Is it possible to have a trial of the products?


Sure, we’re able to provide trial licence(s) set up for you to make and receive some test calls.

Which mobile networks does Yappl partner with?


As an official partner of EE, Vodafone, O2, Three and, we utilise our industry connections and years of experience to find the best possible business mobiles deal for your individual business.

What client support does Yappl offer?


Alongside your contract you’ll receive free support and advice from one of our dedicated account managers. From an initial analysis of different available contracts through to when you’re signed up and using your solutions, they’ll be on hand to offer advice and handle all the paperwork.

How do I know your networks will work at my site?


We offer a free coverage checker service to determine which networks will be perfect for you and your location.

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