CAT® Business Mobiles

Take on anything with rugged CAT mobile phones from Yappl

Originally designed for emergency services, first responders and industry, CAT business mobiles are built to withstand the toughest work environments.

When you need to take your smartphone wherever you go, it needs to be waterproof, drop, dust and scratch proof as a bare minimum. That’s why manufacturers Bullitt harnessed their rugged-tech experience alongside the unmistakeable CAT® name to create their phones

They’re designed and manufactured to military specifications, but their ruggedness doesn’t come at the cost of functionality. Android based, they have all the associated benefits, including use for real-time data capture and transmission.

So whatever business you’re in, if you need a smartphone that can keep up with you in the field, CAT business mobiles from Yappl could be the perfect solution.


Why choose a CAT Business Phone?

No Battery Life Worries

Running low on battery in critical moments is no longer a worry. The range of CAT rugged phones is designed to keep you connected, even in remote locations and far away from the nearest electrical socket.

As Tough as They Come

Drop-proof, dust proof and shockproof, CAT rugged smartphones are made to be tough, robust and durable. The phones are built to Military Defence Specification 810G and IP69 rated.


CAT phones are specially designed to perform to high standards even in the wettest environments, and can withstand submersion to 3 metres for up to 1 hour.

Drop Proof

All CAT phones are drop tested onto concrete from up to 1.8m (6ft) to prove their rugged credentials and keep this toughness for the duration of their life.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Measure temperature, humidity and the levels of indoor air pollutants in your environment. How many smartphones can do that?

Laser Assisted Distance Measure

Estimate-level accuracy up to 8 metres for distance and area measurements. Quickly and safely document measurements and record the layout of an area all in one screen.

Tough and Easy to Read Screens

The phones’ Corning® Gorilla® Glass touchscreens are scratch-resistant and ultra-bright, which makes them easy to read, even in bright, direct sunlight.

Resistant to Dust, Heat & Corrosion

A range of smartphones and mobiles made to be dustproof, rugged and built to survive. Thermal shock capability from -30c to +65c for 24 hours, humidity resistant and anti-salt corrosion.

Built with Hygiene in Mind

All rugged CAT Phones are waterproof and built to withstand chemicals, bleaches and detergents. Users can fully submerge them regularly in soapy water and/or available sanitisers.

They also don’t need a case – so no additional unnecessary nooks and crannies where dirt and germs like to hide.

All CAT phones1 undergo a range of rigorous tests, including:

  • Bleach wipe test with 3000 cycles.
  • Sweat test at 8.8pH levels for 48 hours.
  • Alcohol abrasion test by 500gf/ cm2 with 100 cycles.
  • Real world chemical susceptibility test at 60-degree room temperature at 95% humidity for 2 days.2

1 CAT Smartphones S31, S41, S42, S61 & S62
2 Real world chemical mix tests: Petrolatum / Olive Oil / Sunscreen lotion

Ready-made Thermal Screening Device

Infectious diseases, including Covid-19, are easily spread where people congregate. But identifying people with unseen symptoms can be difficult.

The CAT S61 and S62 Pro smartphones are able to detect an individual with an elevated temperature in a non-invasive manner, and with minimal interruption to the flow of people in public spaces, such as transport networks.

All physical things radiate infrared energy, which can be detected by a thermal camera. Various surface temperatures can be visualised via the phone’s display. This tech requires no natural or artificial light, nor physical contact to read the temperature.

This makes it an ideal technology for screening of people as they pass by the thermal camera at between one and two metres. Elevated skin temperature, which could be the result of a fever, will show up clearly as a contrasting colour on the display.

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