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Best Samsung Business Deals

Cut your mobile bill with our best deals on Samsung business phones. Get in touch for our full range of devices and deals.


Samsung S24

Unlimited data
Unlimited mins & texts
36-month contract

£26 a month ex. VAT


Samsung S24 Ultra

Unlimited data
Unlimited mins & texts
36-month contract

£40 a month ex. VAT


Samsung S23 FE

10GB data
Unlimited mins & texts
36-month contract

£21 a month ex. VAT


Samsung A25

10GB data
Unlimited mins & texts
36-month contract

£14 a month ex. VAT

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Samsung Makes Business Better

Powerful productivity tools enable you to work smarter. Built-in security features ensure you work more safely. And a range of Enterprise Edition and Rugged devices allow you to work anywhere. Samsung business mobile phones really mean business.


Work Smarter Not Harder

Samsung mobile phones are built for business. They come with powerful processors for keeping up with your work-related tasks and demands. As well as large, bright displays for viewing documents and seeing the team on video calls. Not to mention the S Pen on selected devices for getting more hands on.


Work Safely & Securely

Samsung Enterprise Edition phones come with Samsung Knox built in, equipping them with defense-grade security the moment you open the box. Through Knox Configure, you can set your security settings across multiple devices more easily in just one place. And if you misplace your Samsung mobile, biometric protection keeps it secure.


Work Wherever You Are

We’ll recommend a Samsung mobile phone that’s right for you and the environment you work in. The entire Samsung range is of course suited to a typical office setting, but those working in a tougher, more hands-on environment, a Rugged device is a better fit. Wherever you work, our Samsung business mobiles have you covered.


Samsung for Business. Better.

We’ll tailor your Samsung business mobile phones contracts around you and your individual needs.

Great Choice


From Enterprise Edition to Rugged devices, we have the perfect Samsung business mobile phone for you, your work environment and of course your network and allowance preferences.

Thumbs Up


Whether you’re looking for a Samsung business mobile phone at an entry level, or middle to top of the range, we can find your business the right deals on the right mobiles at the right prices.



If you choose Yappl to supply you with your Samsung business mobile phones, you not only get the best quality products, but the best customer service too, through a dedicated account manager.



We’ll review your current usage and build your Samsung business mobile contracts around you. We can combine different devices, networks and allowances. Whatever your business needs.

Learn More About Samsung for Business

Here’s what else you might need to know about Samsung business mobile phones.

Which Samsung mobile phone is best for business use?


The Samsung Galaxy 24 family are at the top of the range and are best for general business use, built with powerful processors, big screens and even an advanced S Pen on the S24 Ultra model. For working in tougher environments like construction, Samsung Galaxy XCover7 is better suited thanks to its rugged exterior.

What is Samsung Enterprise Edition?


Enterprise Edition is a package of advanced mobile technology and services – like Knox Suite and enhanced product lifecycles – designed specifically for business users, available on selected Samsung business mobile phone models like Samsung Galaxy S24 and S23.

What is Samsung Rugged?


A smaller range of tougher, rugged Samsung mobile phones are available and come with reinforced screens and casing that are designed to withstand harsher environments. Models like Samsung Galaxy XCover7.

Is Samsung better than iPhone for business?


Both Samsung and iPhone are great for business users, thanks to their powerful performance and high-security features. The main differences are choice, with Samsung offering a larger range of business mobiles, as well as the operating system, with Samsung running on Android and iPhone on iOS.

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