Business Mobiles from Yappl

As an official partner, we will work closely with you, to build a communications package that is customised to match the exact needs of your business. From tariffs and contract lengths to flexible data, call, text, and roaming extras that you can manage easily at the touch of a button.

Joined-up communications

Mobile, hosted voice & broadband…we can take care of all your business communications so you can focus on your business.

Combine these different channels and we will combine everything into one bill, managed via one online portal, with our team of experts working together to give you joined-up support.


Discover my.plan. The ultimate connectivity platform.

Built for business, my.plan gives you the power to manage all of your mobile and office-based communications in one easy to use platform. Connected, configured, and controlled by you, not the other way around.

Single Platform Simplicity

Streamline your mobile and office-based connectivity through one platform, with features, insights and support on a level that you choose.

Customise Your Experience

Set up your connectivity with simple device controls and easy to use account management tools, that deliver powerful results.

The Power of Your Data

Empower your team and optimise your connectivity with live data and reporting, for faster insights and immediate action. – Intro Image

Hosted Voice – Powerful. Scalable. Easy To Manage.

A feature-rich phone system that integrates seamlessly with my.plan to provide market-leading insights, analytics and controls across mobile and office-based communications.

Connectivity that moves with you

Our custom-built Soft Phone is built into our my.plan app and delivers the functionality of a desk phone to a mobile, with a slick interface to keep remote workers connected to the office. An advanced push notification system also ensures an unparalleled success rate on call delivery over standard Soft Phones.

Listen. Transcribe. Analyse.

It’s not enough to analyse and understand what an agent or customer says – businesses need to understand what they mean. Advanced Call Recording in my.plan gives your customers the tools to take quality monitoring and customer service to a whole new level. Listen live, launch real-time transcription, or ultimately join the call to help support or control the customer experience before it’s too late.

Advanced Call Insights

Give your customers the power and insight to understand usage and charges across all their fixed and mobile connectivity in a click. Access interactive summaries, detailed call, and usage insights, plus the ability to view historic invoicing and fully itemised billing. All accessible anytime, anywhere from any device.

my.plan Benefits

Boost productivity. Boost performance.

Keep your team safe and focused with enhanced productivity tools that can dictate streaming speeds and remove the threat of malicious content.

Save time. Save money.

Know how much you’re spending, where and when, with activity and usage views from worker to workforce. Then take control with easy to use spend controls to help you to manage access and minimise overspend.

Observe anything. Observe everything.

Experience unrivalled transparency and control across your entire account. With detailed insights and powerful controls to help you to track usage and minimise costs.

Feel supported

From technical tooltips and self-help videos, to live chat and good old fashioned customer service, with and Yappl you’ll always feel supported.

Our my.plan Help Centre is also packed full of useful info and over 500 FAQs designed to get you up to speed in a matter of minutes.

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