O2 Business Mobiles from Yappl

Yappl is partnered with O2, which means we can provide all the mobile options your business needs on one of the UK’s biggest business networks.

Business mobiles aren’t just for making and receiving calls. They’re crucial for productivity when your staff are on the move. Whether it’s staying in touch while travelling or unlocking greater productivity with email and apps, they’ve never been more important.

Through O2 Business, we can offer the latest devices, excellent coverage with 4G and WiFi calling, a growing 5G network and flexible tariffs. Collaborate with colleagues and keep up to speed, wherever you are, including overseas.

450,000 business across the UK rely on O2, from sole traders to huge companies. Get in touch and we can get you set up on an award-winning network with a deal that’s tailored exactly to your requirements.

Once you’re on board, we have a dedicated support team on hand to make sure the service you receive is nothing short of exceptional.

O2 Mobile Solutions

5G Ready

Be ready with handsets that can take full advantage of the 5G rollout. Download and upload large files and documents, and make video calls with ease.

SIM Only Plans

Whether it’s for your existing handsets or to get tablets up and running on the move, SIM only offers huge flexibility.

The Latest Devices

Stay up to date with great deals on the right mobile handsets and tablets for your business. Whether it’s Apple or Android, we’ll find the best package for you.

Collaboration and Productivity

Help your people to work smarter and increase productivity on the move with outstanding coverage and connectivity. Get the information you need to make critical business decisions, wherever you are.

O2 Mobiles for Small Businesses

Small business relies on good communication, as well as keeping outgoings low. O2 offers competitive rates for small business contracts, even for businesses with fewer than 10 people.

O2’s business mobile plans offer a huge amount of flexibility, letting you upgrade devices when you need to, add business apps and take advantage of unlimited calls and texts. They’ve also frequently been voted the UK’s best network for coverage.

Yappl will help you find the best O2 mobile package for your business, even if you’re just starting out.


O2 Mobiles for Big Businesses

Nearly half a million companies use O2 for their business mobiles, so you can rely on their experience as a service provider. Because Yappl are a trusted partner, we’re here to make sure you take full advantage of that.

O2 offers a great selection of business handsets, SIM only plans, data bundles, excellent 4G coverage and it’s at the forefront of the 5G rollout. Enterprise Mobility Management solutions can optimise how you run your business with mobile tech, too.

From salespeople to remote workers and those at HQ – keep your employees connected with O2.


Flexibility and Savings

In business, things are always changing, and you need to be able to scale your business communications accordingly.

If your demands change, you can let us know and we’ll make sure your business mobile keeps up. Extra devices and connections, upgrades, increased data, and roaming Bolt Ons for travel – your O2 business tariff is flexible enough to cope.

Whether you’re a self-employed sole trader, or a larger organisation, O2 business mobile solutions will give you room to grow.

Why choose Yappl and O2 Business Mobiles?


Bolt Ons

Chop and change to your plan each month depending on your needs, without being locked into an expensive long-term package. Bolt Ons are the ultimate in mobile flexibility. You can see exactly how much data you have each month and add to your plan whenever you need it.

Travel and Data Bolt Ons

Going away? Avoid nasty surprises when you get back by buying a bolt on before you go. That way, you can use your mobile as much as you need, without worrying about the cost. Take control of your mobile at the touch of a button.


O2 has one of the largest 4G networks in the country and you can seamlessly switch to WiFi calling if signal drops out. O2 are constantly increasing 5G coverage as rollout continues. It offers lightning-fast speed and wide coverage on all its tariffs.

Mobile Phone

Unlimited Calls & Texts

Unlimited calls and texts to other O2 devices are thrown in with every small business plan. 22 million people use O2, which means a lot of free calls to colleagues, customers and partners! Just choose your plan based on the data you use.

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