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The first network to launch 4G and now the first to give us 5G, too.

EE is the biggest mobile coverage provider in the UK and has been named the UK’s No.1 network for the 9th year running. As a partner of EE, we give you access to bespoke and exclusive deals on single and shared user packages. EE also offer SIM-only and mobile broadband.

No matter where you are in the world, EE has your business covered. EU roaming is standard on all business plans, and you can add a traveller bundle whenever you need to.

Whether you’re an SME or an enterprise-level business, choose Yappl for your EE mobiles and we’ll make sure you get a deal that perfectly matches your needs.

Once you’re on board, we have a dedicated support team on hand to make sure the service you receive is nothing short of exceptional.


5G Coverage Where it Matters Most

We’re leading the UK on 5G rollout, with our 5G live in at least 180 cities and large towns.


EE invests in infrastructure and tech. You can be sure that when major changes are on the horizon, EE is ready to go. They were first to 4G and 5G, and are committed to close to 100% coverage of the UK in the next few years.


Businesses and their data should be protected, so EE takes your security seriously. Market-leading security features are built into the network, so your connection isn’t just super-fast – it’s safe as well.


EE business mobile deals from Yappl are built around your business, so they’re just right. There’s no “one size fits all” here. We offer tariff analysis, so you’re not overpaying for the services you use. No hidden extras or nasty surprises.

Free Faulty Handset Replacement

If your handset develops a fault, we make sure you’re back up and running in no time. EE take the hassle out of everything, and in some cases, you can get a replacement free of charge.

EE Mobile for Small Businesses

We know that connectivity is a make or break issue for all businesses, no matter their size. For small businesses, every single call, email, and file counts.

If you’re a small business owner, we know that your bottom line matters too. You can spread your contract over 36 months to keep the cost low, all while working with the latest tech.

EE offers a range of tariffs to its business customers, including sole traders and SMEs. The fastest 4G around is available in most of the country, and 5G is quickly following suit.

We make sure you have access to everything you need, whenever and wherever you need it.


EE Mobiles for Big Businesses

Keep up with mission-critical communications from the palm of your hand. Whether it’s joining a conference call, answering emails, or accessing reports, you can do it all on a mobile.

Harness the power of the EE network so your business continues to thrive and grow in a mobile, data-driven world.

The Travel Allowance Bundle allows frequent flyers who visit non-mainstream countries to keep in touch without eye-watering bills. Bundles can be purchased as monthly ‘cash allowance’ that can be used for voice, SMS texts, data, IDD and more.

Technology and business demands change quickly. With one-year deals on the latest devices, you and your colleagues can always be ahead of the curve.


WiFi Calls on the London Underground

WiFi is available for all eligible customers at over 100 stations across more than 97% of underground routes.

Download, edit and send documents, keep an eye on your inbox, watch videos and keep in touch with colleagues – all at no extra charge.


UK Support

All business mobile devices come with a manufacturer warranty. It’s usually 2 years, however iPhone devices come with one that’s 1 year. A warranty covers the repair of your device if it breaks down through no fault of your own.

Yappl customers also have a dedicated account manager, and we’re all based in the UK. EE’s support is too. No language barrier, no time difference, and vital equipment without delay.

We take the hassle out of organising your EE business mobiles. Whether it’s porting existing numbers, ensuring you get the best coverage, or finding you the perfect deal, we’ll get everything sorted quickly.


Why Choose Yappl and EE Business Mobiles?

Tariff Analysis

There’s no guesswork here. We take a peek at your phone habits and use this to tailor an EE business mobile package that specifically matches your needs.


We’re Always on Hand

Our customer service team are always available. We’re happy to give you jargon-free advice and support, from devices to tariffs.

Huge Range

Get access to a wide range of devices, including Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC. Whether you know what you want or aren’t sure, we’ll give you all the options.

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Competitive Edge

Super-fast 4G/5G EE business mobile coverage, a secure network, money-saving deals, and the latest tech. Get ahead of your competition with Yappl.

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