reliability and security for your business

Your business relies on the continuous flow of data.

When connections and bandwidth are shared between multiple commercial or residential users, the stability of your service is never guaranteed.

If a poor connection or loss of service would have a major operational and financial impact on your business, a leased line is the perfect answer.

what is a leased line?

Put simply, it’s a fibre connection that only you and your business have access to. Meaning it’s faster, flexible and more reliable.

Exclusive Access

Rather than sharing it with anyone else, your business will have exclusive access, 24/7. That means is more reliable when you need it most.

Fast, Symmetrical Speeds

Unlike standard technology, it can also give you symmetrical speeds. This means uploads are just as fast as downloads.

Scalable to Your Size

Data, voice and internet traffic can all be handled, so it’s an ideal solution for SMEs and large corporations alike. It’s a fully scalable solution.

100% service, guaranteed*: We offer 24/7/365 technical support and backup lines in case of faults.

lightning-quick performance

If your user and application bandwidth requirements are growing, maybe it’s time to consider your options.

Scalable Speeds

Our leased lines aren’t just reliable, they’re fast, too. Ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, you’ll get functionality at the speed you’re looking for.

Business as Usual

Transfer of large files and videos, access to cloud-based applications, mission-critical communication – none of these will be an issue when you have a dedicated fibre ethernet connection.

Unthrottled Performance

Don’t let poor download and upload speeds slow down your business. With a leased line, both are fast, and as fast as each other. That gives you more flexibility as a business.

Pay for only what you use.

Our leased lines work with a committed data rate (CDR) and a bearer.

As an example, you could have a 100Mbps bearer with a committed data rate of 10Mbps to suit your current bandwidth requirements.

The extra bandwidth is ready and available when you need it. You’re not overpaying for a service you don’t need, but at the same time, you won’t have to replace any of the infrastructure or technology should your requirements grow with your business.

We’ll put together a package to match your current situation, with flexibility built-in.

Get ready for Gigabit cities.

Never has the importance of digital connectivity been so prominent, from the government to businesses, and individuals at home.

A Gigabit city will be underpinned by a full-fibre infrastructure, with the benefits this brings to economic growth, innovation and enterprise.

Uncontended bandwidth, world-class connectivity, 4G and even 5G capabilities, will make Gigabit cities the perfect places to start a new venture and grow a business.

These developments will futureproof our places of work and our homes, preparing us for the next generation of digital technology.

If you’re local to us, you might know Derby is in line to become a Gigabit city in Q3/4 2020. We’re a key provider in making this happen.

We’re proud to partner with...

In order to deliver world-class connectivity to your business, we’ve partnered with two leading independent UK network providers – CityFibre and Zen.

Between them, they’ve invested millions of pounds in improved network infrastructure across the UK.

With on-network solutions, you’ll have full control over your data needs, whilst taking advantage of more robust, high-performance connections.

We can also provide you with off-net solutions, and with access to all the main carriers, wherever you are in the UK, we’ve got you covered.

* When taken with a managed backup circuit.