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Victoria Lodge Guest House

The Victoria Lodge is a guest house located in Salisbury. Scroll down to read more about how we improved their unified communications with a Yappl solution.

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A bit of background…

The owner of Victoria Lodge was experiencing issues with their current broadband provider and connection.

They also wanted to modernise the guest house and offer Wi-Fi to guests, accessible in all of the guest bedrooms and communal areas. They had initially tried to achieve this themselves with a router and a couple of Wi-Fi extenders but this wasn’t enough to get full coverage throughout the property. A final concern for the owner was that they were still in contract with their current provider and had an early termination fee.


The solution

Yappl implemented the following solutions:

  • Initially we surveyed the site to find the best locations to place new wireless access points aiming for total Wi-Fi coverage of the property but focusing on guest rooms and communal areas.
  • We built a seamless network of access points throughout the property and provided full coverage.
  • Installed a wall mounted comms cabinet to house our equipment neatly with room for any future equipment.
  • Created a single manageable network for both the Wi-Fi and telephony.
  • Created a phone system that works in line with the company’s needs and can be adjusted at any time through our support team (VM messages, opening hours etc).

The benefits

  • Yappl are now able to manage her network remotely and identify any issues.
  • Enabled fast roaming to give seamless transitioning between access points without a loss of connection.
  • Wi-Fi access for guests and staff.
  • Customisable telephony system.
  • The ability to expand the network if required.

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