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Thos Agnew & Sons Art Gallery

Thos Agnew & Sons is one of London’s leading art dealerships. Scroll down to read more about how we improved their unified communications with a Yappl solution.

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A bit of background…

Agnews have been a fine arts dealer in Mayfair since 1860 and specialises in selling to national art galleries and private collectors.

The business was experiencing a few issues with their telecoms which Yappl provided solutions for. The main issue they were experiencing was with their poor Wi-Fi connection which cut out at times, as they were running all their devices e.g. PCs , printers etc, off their Wi-Fi network. Additionally, they didn’t have any guest networks that they could offer to clients when they visited. Furthermore they also had an old ISDN30 phone system and an analogue line to the property which they were not using.

One of their main concerns was the look of the new access points as they needed to be aesthetically pleasing and match the interior décor. There is also another company in their building which we needed to acknowledge as it was important to house both companies under one Wi-Fi network and phone system.


The solution

Yappl implemented the following solutions:

  • Surveyed the property to find the best possible location for access points to enable full Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Created 2 networks from a single broadband connection (one for each business in the building),  so there was no need for the customer to pay for two separate broadbands.
  • Wrapped the access points using the same colour as the paint on their walls so they blended in with the décor.
  • Routed the wired devices to our switch to create a single manageable network.
  • Finally, we set them up with the mobile CallSwitch app for remote working.

The benefits

  • Built phone extensions to enable easy internal calling.
  • Customisable voicemail recordings which can be changed at any time.
  • Each business in the building has a separate number but can still call each other internally.
  • Yappl can now manage his network remotely and identify any issues.
  • Enabled fast roaming to give seamless transitioning between access points without a loss of connection.
  • Ability to have multiple networks and customise and change as they please.
  • Provided a cheaper solution than the owner was currently paying!

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