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The Black Lion Hotel

The Black Lion is a historic hotel in Lampeter, Wales. Scroll down to read more about how we improved their unified communications with a Yappl solution.

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A bit of background…

Yappl engineers installed a broadband line at the Black Lion hotel about a year ago.

Since then they’ve tried improving the Wi-Fi by adding an additional 4 access points around the property and splitting the broadband into 4 networks in a bid to split up his traffic. This only hindered the connectivity. We investigated this on a site survey and found that the access points were placed in poor locations and that each network could only be accessed by a single access point. Due to this, they were having troubles with the connection to the tills, PDQs and staff network. Customers were also experiencing poor connections to the guest networks both in the bar and guest rooms.


The solution

Yappl implemented the following solutions:

  • Initially, we surveyed the site to find the best locations to place new wireless access points making sure to cover the key areas identified by Ceri, the hotel owner.
  • Built a seamless network of access points throughout the property and provided full coverage.
  • Built 4 different networks to cover the key areas.
  • Provided firewalls to protect against malicious traffic and virus’.
  • Routed all wired devices to our switch to create a single manageable network

The benefits

  • Yappl are now able to manage his network remotely and identify any issues.
  • Enabled fast roaming provides a seamless transitioning between access points without a loss of connection.
  • Able to control the bandwidth of each access point and prioritise networks.
  • The hotel has the ability to offer guest voucher access with customisable time limits with the option of charging for Wi-Fi.
  • Ability to have multiple networks that the hotel can customise and change as they please.

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